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Does anyone answer the phone anymore on the first ring? A delivery service with a voice.

Updated: Apr 22

Voicemail has ruined us....smh

Qwik Route, A delivery service partner with a voice

Now that voicemail is here to stay, it definitely has it benefits. Restroom breaks, lunch breaks, occasional conference call, all happen, and we appreciate those who leave a voicemail. It has spoiled us to never answer the phone, but instead look at it as it rings and wait if the voicemail icon lights up. By week's end, you have just as many voicemails as emails. So what happened to the days when a business line rings, and a person actually answered the call with reciting the "company name"? I mean, who does that? No really, who does that? For every button you push, there's more and more voicemail if you're lucky. I believe most customers love to get a person on the first ring at least, before they are sent through the voicemail assembly line. Now the good news, new businesses open every day, and some, not most, are taking a back seat to so much voicemail and getting back to personal relationships with their customers.

A professional woman on the phone smiling
Answering the phone

Grabbing that call on the first ring send hope like a lightning bolt through the caller as they anticipate a resolution fairly quickly. The adrenaline is usually very high at this point when they hear a voice. Ready to crank out whatever prompted the initial call. As a businesses owner, that first ring happens over and over and your voice should be known for quick greetings.

Wanted: A delivery service with a voice

A pleasant voice, caring tone, can't come from voicemail or AI. It only comes from great support staff . Real people, real voices, real talk.

Mail or NO mail...that is the question

Shakespeare isn't around to help with this conundrum. Is it really that hard to answer? I doubt it. For every call we make nowadays, of course there's a benefit to voicemail because we can't be in two places at one time. Unfortunately that can lead to voicemail build up and up, that's definitely not a benefit. With so many messages and missed calls that can turn into unanswered or forgotten communications, will undoubtedly add to various stressors of the work day. Who needs that? No one.

Hamlet's Possible Answer : Release the DO NOT Disturb button my good lad or milady, answer a call or 2 and take back your real person voice.........................NO MAIL.

A delivery service partner with a voice, finally...........

Again, does anyone answer the phone anymore? Well of course they do, you just have to find them, or there's always SMS. A solution has been found, and Qwik Route shipping and delivery service has a voice and is ready to hear yours.

You can leave a comment or hit the call button for our contact number...Call Now, we'll answer!

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